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18 Sure Fire Ways On How To Score High in JAMB 2015

Yes, i know the JAMB examination is only a day ahead and students are furiously searching for methods and guidelines on how to pass the jamb 2015 examination, how to score 300+ in the upcoming JAMB 2015 examination, please don't worry, because here's a detailed guideline on how you can score high and pass the JAMB 2015 examination in a flying color.

jamb 2014 result
JAMB 2015: Top Best 17 Techniques to Passing UTME

1. Except in the subject, Use of English all exam papers under JAMB are multi-option, also known as multi-Option.

2. Some intelligent persons have called "JAMB UTME" a multi-option questions, MULTI -SPECULATION questions . And that is the secret, because there lies the key to your entire labour! JAMB test doesn't have relevance for your brillance in the classroom but to how smartly you'll be able to use your brain within the given period of time.

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3. Coincidentally, 2 out of 3 of the techniques are derived from your capacity to guess the right answer accurately under pressure.

4. Some Specialists in Nigeria have also disclosed that it is very possible, 100% possible for a few pupils (like primary school pupils) to score as high as 25% in a JAMB question paper that they understand nothing about like chemistry! All of us understand that is nearly impossible in essay tests.

5. We have to additionally suppose that JAMB will not engage itself in negative mar king. But when it does ALL questions should be replied in accordance using its typical test teachings. i.e. don't leave any response clean even, when you have just 5 to 10 minutes to go.

6. Please before entering the examination hall, you should remember that in JAMB, you'll never be able to read entirely or enough to get you to remember everything you've read 100%. You need to accept the test scrapbook technique which will help you to remember what you have previously study significantly, to boost the total of everything you can to remember Do Not panic or fret concerning the volume of what remains to be examined.Note that for all problems, there's a solution.

7. When reading the JAMB past question papers and Answers, note that they are always broken up into the following segment:
  • The Root.
  • The Stem,
  • The Branches.

8. Please note that THE ROOT states the underlying facts. They can be written either in present or past tense. They can be short or long. All facts given can be significant or may not be relevant. The facts contained in the roots are also called the STIMULUS MATERIAL. But also note that in some questions, the stem can appear without the root.

9. While THE STEM is the actual question or the task to be done. The key words to the questions are to be found in the stem and not the root. The stem can be in the form of making a choice, or a call for the completion of a sentence. The stem may add facts to the root or may not. It may require that assumptions be made and may specify what course of action or theory to advance or not.

10 THE BRANCHES are the options that are available. They are made up of choices as possible answers. They may state conclusions only or link conclusions with a reason to support it. Options may seem related to one another or may be exactly independent of each other.

11 When using Past questions and answers, they can all be grouped as follows:
Questions → Easy, Hard,
Possible Answers → The correct answer.
the incorrect answer,
the best answer,
the worst answer.

One thing you should be aware of, is that  the examiners are only interested in the BEST answers. Some answers can be true but irrelevant.

12. Please be aware that examiners do not give wrong questions yet they do try and contain wrong responses that may look sensible and right. Do Not be misled yet. You have to have the ability to identify these during your groundworks to an extent it becomes second nature for the tests.

13. JAMB questions shouldn't be neglected. A little knowledge with a bit of guess work should enable you pass the test about 50%of the time. The goal of this write up would be to analyze methods by which this 50% can be pushed around a percent above 70%. Should you at all sat for any objective(multi- option) test again the strategy and methods to use will likely function as the same

14. Quit wasting time looking for almost any routine in the responses given. There are really no such things purposefully put in by jamb examiners, so don't waste your precious time doing this, most students have done this and failed woefully.

15. In the beginning of this article, we additionally classified all JAMB questions as SIMPLE, TOUGH and very POSSIBLE as emphasised above.

You should be aware that these questions typically discover the techniques to be utilized. However, what do we mean by these categorizations, you may ask? and here's our candidate Answer.

  • An EASY question is one whose answer you know by merely reading the stem.
  • A HARD one is the one you do not know and the options given do not reveal any hint of assistance.
  • While the POSSIBLE questions are those having two or three possible answers playing soccer with your mind.They are the usual TIME-WASTERS to students.

But you are not alone. Nature has a way for compensating difficult situations cause these type of questions usually have the greatest number of hints to use in making a choice.

Over 20 of such hints are given in a latter write-up. But once u know how to recognize them you will pass the original Jamb and post – Jamb exams. Each of these types of questions will later be linked with the techniques most suitable for them. Note however that an easy question for you can be a hard one for someone else.

16. Let's additionally pay attention to some responses/alternatives employed by examiners called DISTRACTERS and FOILS.

Is some thing which compellingly and confusingly pulls you in the incorrect way.
They are those accurate responses that are not the outstanding and best answers to the questions.

While a FOIL is some thing which will give you double answers as to advantage or disadvantage by comparison.

One thing i have learned so far after writing and setting examination for students is this, and that is, All examiners use foils and distracters.

17.Though some questions could be categorized as SIMPLE, but they might not be the easy ones to answer. The "greatest" or "nearest to answer" might not be the right answer.

18. Please ensure that when you enter the exam hall, talk to your God, as for me, it's Jesus Christ, however, ensure that your brain is loaded with answers and solution, but don't over do it.


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